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At Genesis Marble & Granite Refinishing, we provide Granite, Marble and Stone Refinishing and Repair for South Jersey Residential and Commercial clients.

Granite, marble, and other natural stone surfaces bestow an incomparable look and feel of luxury and refinement to any South Jersey home. And while granite and marble are some of the densest, hardest-wearing stones, they are still porous and susceptible to every day wear and tear and accidental nicks and scratches over time. Despite your best cleaning efforts, the granite in your South Jersey home can become dull, scratched or stained. Cracks and chips can also occur. This damage can detract from the stone's natural beauty and depreciate your precious property. This is why you need a skilled, experienced South Jersey stone, granite and marble refinishing company to bring back your stone's original beauty!

South Jersey Granite and Marble Repair and Restoration | Genesis Marble & Granite Refinishing

Your South Jersey Granite and Marble Repair and Restoration Specialists

Genesis Marble & Granite of South Jersey are experts at restoring the shine and luster to your stone floors, countertops, fireplace mantels, tabletops, jacuzzis and more in the South Jersey area. No matter what your stone has been through, Genesis Marble & Granite can reveal its original rich sheen and brilliance.

Unlike normal household cleaners that cannot reach deeply embedded grime, Genesis Marble & Granite's quality restoration process involves an intense, deep cleaning extraction that thoroughly removes absorbed impurities. We use specialized, professional equipment, techniques and supplies made especially for granite. Scratches, as well as etches caused by chemicals or sharp objects, are then honed and polished, removing all evidence that they were ever there. We also use a special sealer to help protect your granite from future damage and make it easier to clean.

We are your South Jersey stone, granite and marble repair & restoration experts.

Don't buy new granite countertops or marble flooring! Whether your marble, stone or granite is cracked, scratched or stained, let the professional South Jersey marble, stone and granite repair and restoration specialists at Genesis Marble & Granite restore them to their former glory!

Just look at these results! It's hard to believe it's the same floor, but it is!!

BeforeGranite, Marble & Stone Refinishing - BEFORE
AfterGranite, Marble & Stone Refinishing - AFTER

BeforeGranite, Marble & Stone Refinishing - BEFORE
AfterGranite, Marble & Stone Refinishing - AFTER

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Whatever your granite, marble or stone surfaces need, whether it's diamond sanding and polishing, stain or scratch removal, or honing, sealing, polishing, and repairs, Genesis takes care of it all. Contact Genesis Marble & Granite Refinishing Co., your professional South Jersey stone restoration specialist, for problems that appear too difficult to treat. Call us at 609-204-3179 for all your South Jersey stone, marble and granite refinishing needs.

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